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Our Story

Baalm is a modern, US-based company that focuses on premium-quality wellness products infused with natural ingredients.

A 2 ounce container of Baalm on a dark green backdrop with low lighting.

Your peace of mind matters to us

That’s why the soil the plants are grown in is completely free of contaminants. Our ingredients are hand-picked and only of the highest quality. All processing is clean, safe and in line with current regulations.

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At Baalm, we aren't just selling you a product

We see a product like Baalm part of a holistic approach to living an abundant and balanced lifestyle like the following:

Good nutrition - the body's fuel
Regular exercise and breathing exercises
Rest and sleep - remember 'all work and no rest'?
Sunshine and fresh air - you can never get enough
Plenty of water - your body is literally a walking sponge
Moderation - make yourself the master
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Two diagonally-offset images: one Baalm with dark cinemagraphic lighting and "Nature" written beneath, and the other a young woman in yoga clothes smiling with "Balance" written beneath.

A positive outlook despite life’s ups and downs

The Baalm philosophy recognizes that life is a balancing act. Whether it’s work or play, austerity or indulgence, everything has to flow somehow. Setbacks and blocks to success and happiness are often associated with how we feel, and this is where Baalm comes in.

Baalm will help you achieve that sought-after equilibrium, and maintain it, as part of a broader on-going commitment to live and work and flourish free of any restraints holding you back from living your best life.

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It's time to discover your dream routine

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